about us 

We are headed up by founder Nathalie Laplanche, who has over 20 years' history in working with listed companies and mid-sized businesses, advising boards and executive teams on investment decisions, risk management and corporate governance. 

Her career as an international investment banker and investor was all about delivering the advice her clients needed,   contributing to value creation and managing teams. 

In 2014 she set her own business to take control of her life and help others successfully invest in theirs. 

Nathalie is a specialist in corporate advisory, a coach and a therapist. The skills that psychologists possess are of enormous potential to executives and can be best delivered to the workplace through coaching.


  •    MSc (Psychology & Language): UCL
  •    Master (Management): HEC Business School
  •    Professional Coaching Accreditation (ICF)
  •    Corporate: Investment Banking & Alternative Investments (Paris, London, New York)